Fashion shouldn't
cost the earth.

Spread love, not chemicals.

Inspired by observing the human-inflicted degradation of corals and marine life in Southern Thailand, Sayuri Okawa, a Bangkok based fashion designer and her husband Atthapon Pongsawat decided to become defenders of the environment in 2019.

Together they launched Earthtone, one of Thailand’s first sustainable fashion brands, in the hopes of inspiring people to become more eco-conscious when it comes to their fashion choices, and to embrace the “less is more” capsule wardrobe mentality.

“With Earthtone, we’re on a path to complete sustainability. Our products are all natural, local & meaningful. We’re working hard towards expanding our line to embrace all aspects of life, including home & décor, so stay tuned and come along on this journey.”

Item made from recycled plastic
The founders of Earthtone in Bangkok, Thailand
recycled paper card saying that fashion should not cost the earth

What goes around comes around.

Recycling plays an integral part in our circular fashion approach. To reduce the amount of fabric going to the landfill, we take leftover and deadstock fabrics from the suppliers in our community and upcycle them into new pieces of clothing. We also encourage our clients to send back old clothes so we can breathe new life into them while they update their capsule wardrobe with new Earthtone collections.


Rome wasn’t built in one day, and changing an industry as old as fashion is no easy feat. We realize that sustainable fashion is still considered a niche, yet we are convinced that with your support we can make a change. We aspire for each piece of clothing to spark a conservation, and to inspire one more person to become more conscious of the choices we make.

Our Materials

Sourcing high quality materials from natural resources that are harvested and processed in a sustainable manner is at the core of our values. Since the birth of Earthtone, we have striven for 100% natural production, and today we are proud to say that our entire collection is made from locally sourced, organically dyed materials. Our new cotton collection consists of 60% recycled material and 40% organic cotton, and all our products are biodegradable.

At Earthtone, we believe beauty is defined by our confidence and characteristics, not by size and shape.
You’ll find our collections are versatile in style and suitable for all occasions.
water drop illustration

434,700 Litres

of drinking water preserved.

carbon dioxide cloud illustration

564 Kilos

of carbon emissions avoided.

waste basket illustration

54 Kilos

of clothes rescued from landfill.


812 USD

donated to charities & foundations.